Shop design and decoration guidance support: Aiting Electrical Appliances has a professional designer to provide one-to-one shop design, decoration site guidance, to create a monopoly store consistency and uniqueness, establish store features.

Shop decoration subsidy support: In order to guide distributors to enter the role faster, the company will provide decoration subsidy support for stores that can meet the standard requirements, so as to start the brand operation mode quickly and professionally for you.

Store operation support: The company will conduct a full-range inspection and supervision of franchised stores, and will provide the necessary professional knowledge training for store managers and employees. It will quickly enjoy professional and advanced retail and service management experience in a short time. The company headquarters will regularly develop training courses for terminal store managers, shopping guides, installation and after-sales positions to escort terminal sales.

Price system support: The company separately applies for the preparation of project orders and promotional activities, and gives discount support according to specific circumstances.

Activity Planning Support: The company has a professional planning team, each year large nodes will formulate the corresponding activity plan; for the usual alliance and store activities, the company will send support.

Sales Material Support: The company will provide each franchisor with product albums, business publicity materials and activity materials.

Media propaganda support: The company will provide systematic brand propaganda support for each franchisor. The advertising of national media will create a great momentum for franchisors, and carry out all-round media exposure with hard advertising, news media, network media, etc., which will provide all supporting propaganda resources.

Regional protection support: the exclusive protection of the regional market, the division of administrative areas, so that your interests are guaranteed.



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