Ating has a shower and creates extraordinary

Release time:December,12,2018

Guangzhou Pazhou Complex, the “most” international event, has become the best platform for major brands to show their style to the global market.

Compared with the previous year, the Canton Fair has improved the quality of the exhibition in this year. A total of 2,297 brand enterprises have been selected and 12,125 brand booths have been arranged. Among them, there are a number of old enterprises with stable development and strong strength, and they have absorbed a lot of “fresh blood”. And Ating Smart Shower is one of the new brands.

As a cutting-edge brand of the Canton Fair, Ating Zhixiang took a shower and brought a variety of explosive faucet shower products to the show.

Ating Zhi enjoys a simple and stylish shower product with various functions. It also incorporates smart elements in the design. Ating Zhixiang enjoys the stunning appearance of the “black technology” of the showers, and has become a blast of the vast number of merchants.

The design is a point that Ating Zhixiang shower attaches great importance to. The reporter learned from the booth of Ating Zhixiang Canton Fair that the booth of Ating Zhimin essentially obeys the original intention of the design, from the whole to the local line clear, neat and concise, product display Structured.

The overall pavilion is dominated by pure white, highlighting the characteristics of modern minimalist style, with a fresh and soft layout, from the space to bring out the stylish taste of Ating Zhi shower products.

With excellent product design and good display effect, during the Canton Fair, Ating Zhiyi has attracted many customers to watch and consult, and won a large number of accurate customers to communicate and negotiate cooperation, becoming the sanitary ware industry of the Canton Fair. The representatives of outstanding enterprises in the field interpret the quality of China's good sanitary ware.

It is understood that Foshan Aiting Intelligent Sanitary Ware Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2017. Its parent company is the famous Ai Ting Electric Co., Ltd., which is a professional manufacturer of induction cookers in China. Since 1998, it has been involved in the research and development of induction cookers, relying on advanced technology in the industry. With professional and differentiated business ideas, it has developed into a professional induction cooker manufacturer with an annual production capacity of more than 6 million units. It is a brand with strong domestic R&D capabilities and more patented technologies.

In 2016, the company made a new layout and planning, invested huge sums of money and high-tech research and development team, built a self-produced professional sanitary ware production line, and fully developed a new intelligent bathroom constant temperature shower and other smart bathroom products.

With a strong R&D and design team, excellent product quality and comprehensive and efficient service network, AiTing's smart bathroom products series have obtained a number of technical patents and appearance patents, and have gone all the way to the market.

The person in charge of the shower at Ating said that in the future, Ating will enjoy the shower, and will continue to uphold the initial intention. According to the market demand, relying on the modern and professional production system, constantly optimize and upgrade the product technology, and always adhere to the focus on bathroom products. Committed to making the brand a world-renowned brand, letting Attitude enjoy the shower in the place where there is a home, letting Ating Zhizhong enjoy the shower as the quality representative of Chinese sanitary ware.



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